10 Beautiful Examples of Packaging Designs

Packaging your product properly is an art. The more you work on improving your packaging or corrugated sheets, the better the feedback you receive from your customers. When customers buy your product, the first thing they come across is your packaging – therefore, if it Is attractive and eye catching, then it makes the whole experience visually appealing. Here are 10 examples of packaging designs, from which you can be inspired too: 

  1. Keep you Packaging Simple and Minimal – When you use simple tones like black and white or earthy tones, it looks simple but classy. So many brands now opt for simple designs without a lot of bold texts and figures. It also reduces the overall costs of designing and printing. 
  2. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging – Since now everybody is well aware of how plastics deteriorate the planet, they are now choosing sustainable and Eco-friendly packaging, which means now you can say goodbye to plastic and use cartons and other materials which are biodegradable. You can get cartons at RoshPack too. 
  3. Patterns in Packaging – If you like patterns and funky colors, you can make a statement with this type of packaging. This is great for cool and fun products, something targeted at a younger audience.
  4. Complement Your Product – It should complement your product – the package should be according to the products dimension and shape, only then it fits well. 
  5. Multi-use Packaging

You can use packaging that can be reused later in any other way so that it is not wasted! This is great for customers and for you too as you save some cost. 

6. Use Colors where Needed

Colors can be attractive for kids or younger people, therefore use them when designing products targeted at them. Not only will they be attracted to it, they will want to buy the product because it is eye catching. 

7.Use Textures in the Packaging

One really good way to incorporate texture is to add a wooden feel to it. It looks like it has been made directly from the wood and makes the package seems more authentic and genuine. It is great for people who love nature and organic products. 

8. Use Custom Packaging 

Some people love the luxurious custom packaging, with their name or initials on it. So, include this packaging for such class of people. 

9. Be Creative

A great way to get your brand noticed is to be creative and unique. It is okay to be inspired, but always try to come up with something fun and new – as these ideas are always in high demand.

10. Fun and Unique Packaging

It is so easy to copy others and follow the same set of patterns, but companies should try to include the element of fun in their packaging. It is the first thing that comes in direct contact with your customer. If it is unique and different, your brand image always stays in the mind of people. So, try out new ideas and don’t be afraid to have fun.

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